Question: How Long Does A Top Up Voucher Last On Vodafone?

What’s the lowest you can top up on Vodafone?

On Vodafone, you can make a minimum top-up of £5 each time on a Pay As You Go account.By phone: You can top-up by calling 2345 on your Vodafone handset.By text: If you have a registered credit card or debit card, you can also top up by SMS text message.More items…•.

Do SIM cards expire if not used?

Generally unused SIM cards will expire if there is no cash balance on the account.

How do I top up with a voucher on Vodafone?

Top up vouchers and in-store top upFrom your Vodafone mobile: If you have a voucher you can top up over the phone by dialing 2345 free from your phone OR Dial *#1345* then type in your TopUp voucher number, then # (for instance, *#1345*123456789123#)Jump onto your My Vodafone app and activate your voucher from there.More items…•

How often do I need to top up Vodafone?

If so, the below information will tell you what to do.6 months after the last top up – you’ll get a text advising that you’d need to top up within 7 days to keep your service active.6 months and 7 days after last top up – outgoing calls and texts will be deactivated, incoming services stay active.More items…

Can you top up a pay as you go phone online?

Online. The easiest way to top up is to top-up online. you can top-up as a guest for one-off payments. you can set up an account so you’ll be able to make one-off, regular and automatic top-ups using a credit/debit card, PayPal or your bank details.

How long is a 3 top up voucher valid for?

How long is my Three call credit valid for? You have to activate your purchased Three top up voucher within 90 days of purchase. Once activated, your 3 credit is valid indefinitely. Useful to know: To prevent the suspension of your Three number due to lack of activity, you must make a chargeable call every 180 days.

How long does a top up voucher last?

6 monthsPrinted (electronic vouchers) last for 6 months before expiring. Physical vouchers are like a credit card and you have to scratch off the silver strip to reveal the code and these do not expire. As you will be getting a printed voucher, it will last 6 months from the date it was issued.

What do I get for 10 top up on Vodafone?

Vodafone’s popular £10 Big Value Bundle comes with 250 minutes, unlimited texts and 3GB of data. Customers wanting a larger allowance can get 5GB of data for £15/month, 10GB of data for £20/month, or 20GB of data for £30/month.

What are top up vouchers?

Talktime mentioned in the Top-up voucher refers to monetary value which can be used for availing chargeable services, while the subscriber is on an active plan. The prepaid recharge once processed, can neither be refunded for cash nor be transferred to any other account.

How many digits is a Vodafone top up voucher?

Voucher – you can buy a top up voucher from your nearest Vodafone store and use it to top up online. Text – from the phone you want to top up, text 2345 with TOPUP plus the amount you want to add and the last four digits of your payment card.

How does Vodafone pay as you go work?

Our standard Pay as you go rates are 20p a minute, 20p a text and 20p per 5MB of data. This means you won’t pay as penny when you don’t use your phone. Spending just £1 on the days you do will give you unlimited minutes and texts plus 500MB of data to use until midnight.

How do I put credit on Vodafone?

Register or log in to My Vodafone and then:Go to ‘Top up now’.Confirm your mobile broadband number.Choose a data pack.When prompted, you use credit balance to pay.

How long does a top up last?

If you make one chargeable call, text or use a bit of mobile data every 180 days the credit (top-up) on your phone will not expire. You must make a chargeable call or text every 180 days to keep your number fully active.

How long does a top up last on Vodafone?

Your SIM will expire after 90 days of inactivity, so if you’ve any top-up credit remaining, use it or you’ll lose it! Additionally, you will also need to top-up your account at least once every 365 days.