Question: How Long Does It Take For Your Immune System To Recover After The Flu?

Does Flu weaken your immune system?

Myth: Getting a flu shot weakens your immune system and makes you more likely to get the flu.

Fact: What you eat affects your immune system.

Fact: Your immune system probably gets weaker as you grow older.

Myth: Running a fever when you’re sick weakens your immune system..

How long does it take for your immune system to recover after the flu?

Many people who get the flu recover in under two weeks because the immune system is able to clear the virus, leaving no trace of it in the body.

Is your immune system stronger after being sick?

The cold or flu allowed the body to cleanse itself and the immune system becomes stronger to fight future infections. This is important especially considering the rise in “super” bugs and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Does your immune system weaken when your sick?

Running a fever when you’re sick doesn’t weaken your immune system. A fever can help your immune system fight infections in two ways. A higher temperature in the body speeds up the functioning of cells, including the ones that fight illness.