Question: What Is The Opposite Of Collateral Damage?

What can I use as collateral?

Common types of collateralPersonal real estate.Home equity.Personal vehicles.Paychecks.Cash or savings accounts.Investment accounts.Paper investments.Such valuables as fine art, jewelry or collectibles..

Is traumatization a word?

The infliction of trauma; the act or process of traumatizing.

What is the opposite of collateral?

Antonyms: matrilinear, unilateral, perpendicular, primary, oblique, patrilineal, lineal, matrilineal, direct, patrilinear, unsupportive. collateral, indirect(adj) descended from a common ancestor but through different lines. “cousins are collateral relatives”; “an indirect descendant of the Stuarts”

What is another word for collateral?

Collateral Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for collateral?secondaryauxiliarysubsidiarycomplementaryconcomitantroundaboutsubsubordinateaccessoryadjunctive205 more rows

What is a fancy word for fear?

SYNONYMS FOR fear 1 foreboding, apprehension, consternation, dismay, dread, terror, fright, panic, horror, trepidation, qualm.

What is an example of collateral?

Collateral is an asset or piece of property that a borrower offers to a lender as security for a loan. If the borrower fails to pay the loan, the lender has the right to take the asset used as collateral. … An example of unsecured lending is a business credit card.

Whats the opposite of stress?

▲ Opposite of a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. calm. calmness. composure.

What is the opposite of traumatized?

What is the opposite of traumatized?aidedassistedcalmedcomplimenteddelightedhelpedorderedpleasedsatisfiedsoothed1 more row

What is meant by collateral damage?

Collateral damage is any death, injury, or other damage inflicted that is an unintended result of military operations. Since the development of precision guided munitions, military forces often claim to have gone to great lengths to minimize collateral damage.

What’s the strongest word for hate?

abhorrencedetestation.enmity.hate.hatred.horror.loathing.malice.odium.More items…

What does traumatized mean?

: to cause (someone) to become very upset in a way that often leads to serious emotional problems : to cause (someone) to suffer emotional trauma. See the full definition for traumatize in the English Language Learners Dictionary. traumatize. transitive verb. trau·​ma·​tize.

What is the difference between security and collateral?

Collateral is any property or asset that is given by a borrower to a lender in order to secure a loan. … Securities, on the other hand, refer specifically to financial assets (such as stock shares) that are used as collateral. Using securities when taking out a loan is called securities-based lending.

What is the opposite of feared?

The opposite of fear is curiosity, or trust, or courage, or calmness… … The opposite of fear is an emotion that draws one towards these things. Therefore, the opposite of fear is curiosity.”

What’s the meaning of collateral?

The term collateral refers to an asset that a lender accepts as security for a loan. Collateral may take the form of real estate or other kinds of assets, depending on the purpose of the loan.

Is love stronger than fear?

We fear that we are not enough, that we made a big mistake in our life, that we’re not going to be okay in the future or that we will fall apart if we lose what we have. … The truth is, we are powerful spirits living human lives, we’re capable of much more than we know.