Quick Answer: Why Is FaceTime Not Available For Some Contacts?

Why is my FaceTime not activating?

If your iPhone is failing to activate iMessage or FaceTime, make sure you activated SMS messaging on your phone.

Go to Settings > Messages and toggle on MMS Messaging and Send as SMS.

Also, check that your mobile plan includes SMS service.

On iPhones, iMessage activates using SMS so it cannot initiate without it..

Why do I not have FaceTime on my iPhone?

Find or restore a missing FaceTime app. … Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps and make sure that FaceTime and Camera are turned on. If you have Screen Time turned on for your Camera, you won’t be able to use FaceTime. Search for the FaceTime app in Spotlight or using Siri.

How come when I call the other person can’t hear me?

Ensure your microphone is working. You can try recording using the Recorder app. Connect an earphone to the phone to check if the other person can hear. … Update the phone software in [Settings] > [Software Updates] and restart the phone.

What does it mean when FaceTime rings once and says unavailable?

Hi Brandon: This usually means that they’re in a network situation that isn’t good enough for a stable FaceTime, such as a slow or noisy cell connection, or a congested/insecure WiFi connection. If I remember correctly, the error message is different if the other person actually declines the call.

What happens if you try to FaceTime someone who blocked you?

When someone tries to FaceTime a number they’ve been blocked by, the blocked FaceTimer’s call will simply ring and ring without an answer (because the person on the receiving end won’t even know he or she is being contacted) — until the blocked caller gives up.

Why is my iMessage and FaceTime not activating?

Restart your iPhone by pressing the side button (or the button on top of the iPhone if you have an 4.7in iPhone). Now go back to Settings > Messages and turn on iMessage. And go to Settings > FaceTime and turn on FaceTime. Again, you may have to wait up to 24 hours for the services to activate.

Can’t 3 way FaceTime?

The first possible reason that Facetime might not work is that your device is not running iOS version 12.1 or later. Older versions of iOS will not support Facetime, so that is the first thing you should check. The same is true of potential call recipients. They need to have iOS version 12.1 or later as well.

Why can’t I hear my friend on FaceTime?

More than likely their mic settings aren’t set correctly or they haven’t given FaceTime permissions to their mic or maybe their mic isn’t working for some reason. If it is happening with others you FaceTime then it is probably on your end. Make sure your settings are set up correct with your phone.

What does FaceTime not available mean?

These are the major reasons for receiving “Not Available” error: I usually receive this error when there is no adequate cellular or Internet connection or when I’m in the area where network coverage is poor. It also happens when you try to FaceTime with the person who don’t have proper Internet or FaceTime connectivity.

Why can’t the other person hear me on FaceTime on my IPAD?

System Preferences > Sound > Input needs the “correct” device selected. Then in the App > Preferences > Video/Audio section and a Microphone drop down if there is more than one. In FaceTime the Mic choice is in the Video Menu if you have two mics.

How do I activate FaceTime?

To connect, go to Settings, then tap Cellular. At the top of the screen, you will see an option that says “Cellular Data.” Toggle it on. When it is activated, it will be positioned to the right, and the switch will go from clear to green. Now, you should be able to use Facetime.