Why Is StumbleUpon Gone?

Why did StumbleUpon shut down?

StumbleUpon no longer was getting the same amount of traffic it used to and as a result they decided to shut down the site, and launch a new site called Mix.

I am on the marketing team for Kuvio Creative and we used to advertise with StumbleUpon so we received several emails notifying us that the site was closing down..

What is StumbleUpon now?

Native mobile StumbleUpon apps existed for Windows, iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore (now part of Social One). On June 30, 2018, StumbleUpon was shut down in favor of a new discovery platform called Mix.

What does StumbleUpon website do?

StumbleUpon is a social network that helps you discover unique and interesting things across the Web. … StumbleUpon is basically a discovery engine of entertainment that recommends photography, art, humor, fashion, sports, technology and just about every other topic you can think of.

What is the website that takes you to random sites?

The Useless Website takes you to Useless Websites. A great selection of weird, pointless, random websites to visit when bored. Easy to use, just press the useless web button.

Is StumbleUpon gone?

Are you wondering what happened to StumbleUpon? Sixteen years after it started, StumbleUpon has called it quits. It ceased operations forever on June 30, 2018. But don’t worry, there are still some StumbleUpon alternatives that let you find interesting web pages with the click of a button.

How do I find new websites?

Cool Websites To Discover Other Cool WebsitesReddit. In what is considered The Front Page of the internet by the community, Reddit boasts one of the most highly trafficked properties online today. … Digg. The Digg of today is much different than the Digg of yesteryear. … 5000 Best. 5000 Best is a cool website. … Pinterest. … More of It. … Similar Sites. … The Internet Map. … Blekko.More items…

What happened StumbleUpon Reddit?

In 2018, StumbleUpon, our favorite content curator on the internet, stopped its services forever after being active for straight 16 years. Many think it’s the result of being inadaptive to the new generation social media trends. … In 2019, Reddit has become what StumbleUpon envisioned to be a few years ago.

What is mix StumbleUpon?

Expa was founded by Garret Camp, co-founder of Uber and StumbleUpon. Built upon the legacy of StumbleUpon, Mix enables you to curate and share the best of the internet. The platform learns what you love browsing and searching for across the web, to show you even more of what you are interested in.

Is mix better than StumbleUpon?

Users of StumbleUpon were pushed to its replacement; Mix. Apart from having an option to import all your interests and tags from the original site, Mix has a better interface and is more organized than its predecessor StumbleUpon. … The new site works a bit like Pinterest where you organize your posts based on the topic.

Is there a replacement for StumbleUpon?

1. Mix (Web): StumbleUpon’s Official Alternative. … Mix even lets you import all your current StumbleUpon favorites, interests, and tags. Browse around and you’ll find that Mix is like an organized version of StumbleUpon.

Who owns StumbleUpon?

StumbleUponType of siteWebsite ranking and discoveryAvailable inEnglishHeadquartersSan Francisco, California, United StatesOwnerStumbleUpon, Inc.Founder(s)Garrett Camp & Geoff Smith7 more rows

Are there other apps like Pinterest?

PearlTrees. PearlTrees is very similar to Pinterest but just with a different design. Users find and collect pictures, videos, documents, websites, and more into collections. You can then find other people who have similar collections to yours and explore what they have to share.

How does a mix work?

Mix is a social content curation site that allows you to collect articles, and content about specific interests or topics that you like. When you curate and add to your collections, your content is shared with friends and made discoverable to others on Mix who share similar interests.

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. It ranks millions of websites in order of popularity, with an Alexa Rank of 1 being the most popular. … Alexa rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement over the past three months.

What does stumble across mean?

(stumble across/on/upon something) to find something, or to meet someone, by accident. We stumbled across him in the library. A journalist finally stumbled on the truth.

How do I use mix com?

When you first sign in, Mix.com will also ask you to choose some topics of interest – you can pick as many as you like and this is what it will use to find articles you may want to see. To view these suggested posts, select “For you” in the middle at the top of the screen and you can view them.