Will A Can Of Soda Explode On A Plane?

Will a soda can explode in checked luggage?

Food and Drink.

According to the TSA, flyers should avoid putting food and beverages in checked bags.

Bottled drinks are likely to explode or crack in transit, thus ruining the cashmere sweater tucked in your bag.

And if your flight is delayed or your luggage gets lost for a while, your packed food might spoil..

Can you take a can of soda on a plane?

Taken together, most cans of soda should be perfectly safe if you put them in a Ziploc bag and surround them with bubble wrap or another insulating material.

Will canned food explode on planes?

Contrary to what someone posted above most of the cargo holds are not pressurized – but in any case, this will not have any effect on canned food in your luggage – just make sure that you don’t exceed what ever government limits there are on foods.

Is it safe to drink soda from a bulging can?

If the bottle is damaged or leaky, discard the drink. Same thing if the can is bulging or severely dented. Or if it started rusting. If everything about the can or bottle seems to be okay, the liquid inside should be fine too.